Ford Manufacturing Reaches Emission Reduction Goals Ahead of Deadline

The Ford Motor Company has aligned itself with more sustainable business practices in recent times. At a part of its newfound mission which was established in 2010, it promised to reduce the CO2 emissions produced through manufacturing by 2025. However, according to measurements recorded for the 19th annual Sustainability Report, the automaker has successfully achieved its goal eight years early!

What Does This Milestone Mean for Ford?

This impressive feat shows just how committed Ford is to maintaining its vows. It was capable of hitting these numbers by reducing the CO2 emissions released from the production of vehicles by as much as 30 percent. Their conservation tactics included not only improvements to the process of making parts like LED lighting but by making its facilities more efficient. In total, these factors reduced CO2 levels released by as much as 3.4 million metric tons just between 2010 to 2017.

What Can We Expect from Ford in the Future?

The endeavor continues. According to the company, it aims to remain dedicated to sustainability in agreement with the Paris Climate Accord. In fact, it plans to invest as much as $11 billion to promote the construction of 40 hybrid and electric vehicles—all of which are projected to hit the road by 2022. In doing so, Ford demonstrates its leadership in the automotive industry.

Want to Go Green? Get a Hybrid or Electric Ford Model Today!

News like the one above is part of the reason we take pride in our affiliation with the Ford brand. We are also happy to offer our friends and neighbors around Merced, California, access to hybrid and electric Ford cars at our dealership for this reason. So, we invite you to enjoy a greener driving experience and contact us to learn more about the options currently available.

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